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The Myers Development Group, LLC is a service conglomerate that caters to the needs of a vast array of clients across a broad spectrum of industries.  Our core competences are rooted in

​We apply these competencies as asset managers for residential and commercial projects across Virginia and North Carolina.  Our team prides itself on being Efficient, Effective, and Economical.


MDG repositions workforce housing through reducing operational inefficiencies, completing moderate-to-extensive renovations, and representing the housing to the market at an increased price.


The company is positioned as a boutique multifamily investing firm with direct access to owners for deal flow, exemplary asset management capabilities and strong construction capabilities. MDG takes a fiduciary approach to acquisitions and management of North Carolina C-class multifamily real estate investment. 

Investment Thesis

We know our markets best because we live in them. MDG drives results through its approach to asset management.  Because we are operating some of the toughest properties in the market place an intense focus is essential to our success.  We collaborate with our investment partners and execution team to create value and aggressively reduce risk.  Our ownership team leverages its extensive background in engineering, project management and business operations to positively impact the community and derive proceeds from the investment.  Learn more about Jerome's background here

Thought Leadership

Tired of the "happily ever after" style multifamily podcasts where everything goes to plan then you must listen to Myers Methods Present Multifamily Missteps. If you are like us you know that you learn more from mistakes and missteps than when the plan goes smooth. Join your host Jerome Myers as he digs into the missteps of active multifamily operators. In these 25 minute or less episodes you will participate in a root cause analysis on the misstep in one of the four areas of a multifamily project life cycle finding, funding, fixing or flipping the project. The episode will conclude with how the issue was corrected and other valuable lessons learned.

Jerome's Interviews

Investing in Apartments, Creating Cash Flow and Adding Value

Interview by Jim Ingersoll

Whether you’re new to the Apartment buying game or you’ve been in this business for years, this is a valuable podcast! Jim talks to Jerome Myers, of Myers Investment Group, about how to find and fix broken apartment buildings. Here are the some of highlights of this info-packed conversation:

     • How Jerome got started in the business of buying apartments & transitioned from flipping single family homes

     • Jerome’s motivation to leave corporate life and how he got into his first joint venture

     • Current interest rates… how they can work for you

     • Why this is a great time for creative deal structuring

     • What does a “broken” apartment complex with fixable problems looks like

     • How do you increase rent … and why you don’t want to increase it too much and too quickly

     • Retaining your legacy tenants vs. the cost of fixing up a unit between tenants

     • Why you should start small (smaller units) and work your way up


Joint Ventures vs Syndication for Buying Real Estate

Interivew by Adam Torres

There are many options for acquiring real estate. Some go at it alone while others use joint ventures and syndication to scale their operations. In this episode, Adam Torres and Jerome Myers, PE, MBA, PMP, Founder and Advisor at The Myers Development Group, explore joint ventures and syndication as a means for buying real estate.

If You Don't Have Someone Bringing You In, You Might Not Get Into the Game

Interview by Dion Huey

Despite having built a $20 million construction business, earning an MBA, holding an engineering license, having sufficient liquidity, and an 800 credit score, Jerome found himself fighting an uphill battle trying to get banks to work with him on multifamily deals. Find out his secret for overcoming lender experience requirements and getting started on the road to multifamily investment success.

From Corporate America to Multi-Family Investing

Interview by Miyana Epps

In this episode of 'The Million-Dollar Multifamily Mindset' Podcast, we bring to you Jerome Myers who has successfully transitioned from corporate america to multi-family investing. Listen to the steps he took to successfully quit his job and go into real estate full-time. He also talks about the importance of having a strong network!

Multifamily JV vs. Syndication, Coaching, Mindset & Teaching Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Interview by Ruben Greth

Jerome Myers discusses the philosophy of his business and why he is OK with growing slower than most. It is because he is in this game to bring people along with him, not just any people, he is doing this to invest with his friends and for his family. He talks about the lessons he is teaching his daughters so that they don't follow the path of so many corporate American workers and instead focus on entrepreneurship. He goes over his podcast, shares coaching practices and goes over why JV is a better model for him than syndication.

Burning the Boats to Go All-In on Multifamily

Interview by Michael Blank

A lot of aspiring investors hesitate to leave the security of a high-paying job to pursue real estate. And very few are brave enough to quit their 9-to-5 and go all-in on multifamily investing without a few deals to their credit and the cashflow to cover their living expenses. Burning the boats is not for everyone, but Jerome Myers had a financial runway, and he’d had it with corporate America. So, he walked away from a six-figure engineering position to make his dreams real. Jerome is the Managing Director of a real estate investment firm on a mission to build a portfolio of 1,000 units and free 100 people from work they aren’t passionate about. Jerome quit his corporate job to pursue real estate in 2017, and since then, he has joint ventured on several multifamily deals and is in the process of syndicating a 112-unit development deal in Greensboro, North Carolina, known as Technology Row. 

Why we Prefer JVs over Syndications

Multifamily Investor Nation Summit Presentation

Dan Handford with interviews Jerome Myers about why he likes joint ventures over syndications.   This presentation covers the lack of diversity in multifamily, why the traditional approach to multifamily investing isn't working, how the educators/gurus have confused passive and active investing, and the challenges every investor has to overcome.  Listen in as Jerome shares how he rolled up his sleeves on this journey and his most costly mistakes. 

Mastering Self-Discipline In Real Estate

Interview byWhitney Sewell

If there’s one skill you have to get to grips with in real estate besides building connections and the like, it should be self-discipline. It is indispensable to becoming successful and winning deals. Jerome Myers, the Managing Director of The Myers Development Group LLC, recounts his transition from working in a full-time job to dedicating his time in the real estate space. This took a massive load of discipline to thrive, struggles to outwit, and he completely nailed it. Find out how to trust the transition and survive the process to become a pro in real estate. On the side, catch on Jerome’s very first deal and how he mitigated the issues on due diligence.

Finding Your Niche in Multifamily

Interview by Will Smith

In today's video is about Finding your niche in multifamily with jerome myers.He will share his thoughts with us about Finding your niche in multifamily. Jerome Myers leads The Myers Development Group, LLC, which focuses on buying broken apartment building businesses and using innovative thinking and solid execution strategies to optimize the operational efficiency of the business. Currently, Mr. Myers is asset manager for approximately 90 units and 90,000 square feet of workforce housing across Virginia and North Carolina and on a mission to hold 1,000 doors by the end of 2028. When not actively working on his personal portfolio he coaches other real estate investors on the Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing. Outside of real estate Jerome hosts the DreamCatchers Podcast, volunteers on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) boards and enjoys traveling internationally.

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Panel Discussion

Mindset is the lens through which we see the world. If your lens is dirty or smudged, your perspective is going to be skewed. Step one to getting where you want to go in life, therefore, starts with getting your mindset right. Only once your lens is clear and focused can you make quick, consistent progress towards your goals. That's why in this edition of The Weekly Multifamily Roundatble, we're talking about Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset with our guests, Jerome Myers, Rodney Thompson, Dan Krueger, Anthony Vinto and Justin Richards.

School of Hard Knocks

Interview by James Bryant

Jerome Myers and James Bryant discuss some of the lessons that they have learned through the school of hard knocks of multifamily investing. Everything from finding a possum or raccoon in an unlikely place to having to evict squatters.


Catching Your Dreams

Interview by John Casmon

Jerome Myers broke free of his golden handcuffs when he realized his true passion was in helping others reach their potential. Since then, he’s acquired three commercial properties and is developing a 112-unit community. He’s the Chief Inspiration Officer for the Dreamcatchers podcast and shares his tips on escaping the rat race and catching your dreams, why inspiration (not motivation) is key and how he works with others to grow his portfolio.

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